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Hailey Jade

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Her Dark Reflection


"They called me the Whore Queen. Some even called me the Evil Queen.

But they could call me whatever they wanted. I was still queen."

Rhiandra Tiercelin hungers for power and her charm has always been her sharpest weapon in hunting it. So when a brutal attack leaves her physically scarred, desperation drives her to make a deal with Draven, a magic-wielding stranger who is inexplicably compelling and definitely dangerous. She knows she can’t trust him, but when he offers to make her a queen, the temptation is too enticing to resist.

Armed with a glamoured face and an enchanted apple, Rhiandra is determined to scheme her way into a crown, even if it means risking the deadly punishment for unsanctioned magic use. But Draven is playing a bigger game, and she is just one piece on the board.

Can she keep her wits about her long enough to uncover his secrets, or will he lure her down a path she will come to regret?

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A Peter Pan Novella

'You should release me, if not for simple decency, then because Peter will rescue me either way.’


Hook chuckled darkly. ‘I hope he will try.’

When Wendy is taken captive by the infamous Captain Hook and kept prisoner aboard his ship, there is little she can do but wait. The seas surrounding Neverland teem with danger and her only hope for liberation seems to be if Peter Pan flies to her rescue. But Wendy is not the sort of girl to remain idle long.


After she wins the freedom to roam the ship at will, she turns her attention to the enigmatic pirate captain, of which she has heard so much and knows so little. With his dark eyes and flashing wits, it is not always easy to tell when Hook is being sincere and when he is manipulating her.


But what it is about him that keeps drawing her in? Is there more to this villain than she first believed? And does she really know her handsome girlhood fantasy, that boy who will never grow up, as well as she thinks she does? 

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When Day Breaks

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A Swan Lake Novella

‘You’re acting like this is the cruellest punishment I could devise. Believe me when I say it’s not.’

Odette is content with the path her life is taking. Promised in marriage to the prince of a neighbouring kingdom, she awaits the day she will become queen and finally have some power to make her own choices. So when a violated treaty ends in a curse that steals her away, she pours her energy into breaking it. But the sorcerer who has cursed her is not open to negotiations.


Alexey Rothbart is brooding, sarcastic and bad tempered and he has no interest in returning Odette to her life and her prince. But he also didn’t count on having to subdue a will as strong as his own.


Their collision will shatter their worlds and when they are left standing in the wreckage, they have a choice to make. What do they want? And are they brave enough to take it?